If you want the creme de la creme of cat care there is only one choice - Linda and Amberlodge.  My 2 cats, Milo and Oscar, stay at home when I go away and Linda visits them daily to feed and take care of their litter box.  Linda is a consummate professional  who delivers a service to the very highest standards of quality - you simply cannot get any better!  Linda is supremely trustworthy and operates with the utmost integrity and honesty.  Linda is not only a professional of excellence but is also a kind and compassionate feline lover and my sweet little kitties are so greatly loved and cared for when I leave them in the very capable hands of Linda.  She is most definitely The Feline Whisperer and any shy or nervous cat transforms in her presence.  I do not worry about Milo and Oscar when I know Linda is in charge.  I recently came home from a 2 week stay in Florida and they were happy, relaxed and peaceful, no signs of stress whatsoever, Linda had worked her magic again.  I cannot find the words to recommend Linda and Amberlodge highly enough, you simply will not find better, Milo and Oscar prove it every time, I am so lucky to have found you Linda!!!       Melanie, owner of Milo and Oscar,  18th December 2017‚Äč

Iset Palmer 8th February 2017

I really enjoyed my stay at Amberlodge with Aunty Linda. Right from the first I was totally at home and singing at the top of my voice. I had lots of love and fusses and even felt more at home with my brother, he came out of his shell so much he mewed hello to other cats in the lodge. I will be looking forward to coming back soon.

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Lucius Palmer 16th February 2017

Well, I arrived at Linda's very shy, totally unlike me at home, but I have always been like this away from my mummy and daddy, Sarah and Rob. But they were amazed to see when they returned from their long weekend away, I was out of my hidey place and rubbing around Linda's legs purring. While I was at amberlodge I ate well, used my box appropriately and didn't get picked on by my sister, queen Iset. whilst I am glad to be home, I'm looking forward to my next trip to amberlodge, loves to aunty Linda.

Julia Millar owner of Simba  12th April 2017

Like others who've posted here, I was worried about putting my young male outdoor loving cat into a cattery. Linda was great at sending updates and photos but you really cannot tell how your pet is getting on when you are not there. The only indication is how they behave when you return and in the days following their stay. Simba was calm, relaxed, happy, healthy, obviously pleased to be home but with no real sign that he had been away which is all (and more) than I could have asked for. Thank you Linda, Simba will be back!

Maria owner of Noppy  April 30th 2017

I'm quite fussy about catteries and really don't like putting my cat into one without researching it. Our cat is a rescue cat which means she is incredibly nervous, needy and hostile to cats so is quite a handful. Linda was so accommodating and understanding about wanting to come and see the place first and even kept me updated with photos to keep my mind at ease. This is a bit further out than I would have liked but this is definitely my first choice. It's such a calm place and all the cats look like they are genuinely relaxed.      Will definitely be going back again.

Sue White, Owner of Blue  12th May 2017

We have used Amberlodge for our cat Blue now for the past 5 years. Over this period Blue has been here at least 15 times. Linda is caring and friendly and we know Blue is going to be well looked after. We don't refer to Amberlodge as a cattery, it's known as "Cat Camp to us and also Blue.  Very clean accommodation and Blue comes back looking just as healthy. Linda is a good carer to your cat whilst your away , comes highly recommended!

Angela and Rosemary owners of Sasha and Misha  June 24th 2017

Our 2 Russian Blue kittens, brothers aged 8 months old, stayed with Amberlodge for 10 days in June 2017 and it was the first time they had been in a cattery. Russian Blues are innately very shy until they get to know you which can take some time.  Linda very kindly sent us pictures and a video via WhatsApp which assured us that our boys had soon become relaxed around her and happily settled into their temporary home.  The key ingredient to what makes Amberlodge a standout cattery is that Linda cares, this is obvious from the way that Linda spoke and interacted with our boys which showed us that she just loves cats.  Linda went that extra mile to ensure that had a relaxing and fun stay by lending them some toys.  The pens at Amberlodge are spotlessly clean and designed with cat comfort in mind.  We would definitely recommend Amberlodge to anyone and everyone.  We have already booked our boys into Amberlodge when we go away in July and again in September 2017.  Thank you Linda for accommodating our request to pickup our boys from the place they are staying for the first couple of days of our holiday otherwise without your help we would not have been able to go away for our wedding anniversary.

Marian Humphryes, owner of Patch   1st October, 2017

Patch has again had a comfortable stay at Amberlodge so much so that he did not want to go home.  We can go away on holiday knowing that Patch is well cared for. Thank you Linda.     Marian Humphryes, owner of Patch. Also...Patch has stayed again and has come home very relaxed, not stressed as he has been in the past at other catteries. 

Kerry and Ollie, owner of Thomascat   20th November 2017

Our cat Thomas is a gent of a certain age and definitely loves his home comforts and that is exactly what Linda provides!  As soon as he comes out of his carrier, tail held high, he says hello to Linda, sniffs everywhere and promptly jumps to the top platform of his scratching post before rolling around like a kitten.  I truly cannot thank Linda enough, Amberlodge means we can really enjoy our holiday without any worries.  It is clean, spacious and Linda takes as much care of our mini panther as we do.  We were once late booking and had to take Thomascat somewhere else - I won't mention where but it was a shocking experience, never ever again.  We now book the next holiday with Linda when we collect Tom from the last one.  I will be honest, I am hard pressed to work out who loves her more, Thomas cat or my 11 year old son Ollie!  Thanks Linda, you are a diamond!