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I Need Love While You're Away

Amberlodge Home Visit Service



Most cats, if you were to ask them (and they could answer of course!), would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home, where familiar surroundings keep them stress-free. It’s the nature of our feline friends to be independent as possible and stay home.

Since 1999 Linda has been visiting cats at home for her clients while they are away on vacation or business trips. It is just a natural extension of her cattery business and her love of everything cats.

Linda has clients who use both the cattery and her visiting service, providing them with flexible options dependent on the time away from home and circumstances.

Just as she does in the boarding cattery, Linda will provide pictures and video via WhatsApp to calm your anxiety about leaving your cat. They will be just as pampered as if they were staying at Amberlodge.

The cat visiting service is offered to clients within a six-mile radius of Amberlodge Boarding Cattery. As each client’s requirements differ, call Linda on 07748 902221 to discuss your cat visiting plan and to check on availability.