Amberlodge Cattery is situated in North Greenford, West London.  You r beloved cats will be cared for as though they were my own. Established for over 15 years, Amberlodge is a tranquil, warm and comfortable home from home environment for your cats.

Rosa, my 3 legged cat and her best bathroom moments! I am the proud owner of 7 cats and 1 stray who lives in my drive but is gradually getting his paw in the door! I have always loved animals, I used to own dogs and have been a dog groomer. I also volunteer for a small cat rescue charity. I have cared for Mums and kittens, a wonderful experience. Amberlodge cattery is all about taking care of your cats in a calm, tranquil environment.  Treats such as Dreamies etc are included as standard. Please let me know if your cat would like extras such as cat milk, cat soup etc.  I am fortunate to have a Pets at Home store just a 2 minute drive away and they sell almost everything a cat could wish for. I provide super large litter trays as cats do love plenty of room to scratch around when using the toilet facilities  After many years experience with cats I have found that they mainly like to be left to their own devices preferring to be stroked rather than picked up. Their diet whilst here will be as instructed although if they are not eating well in the first few days then I will offer them tuna, chicken, prawns or whatever it takes. My cattery and surroundings are very peaceful, no barking dogs or noisy children.  Please ensure that you transport your cat in a very safe cat carrier lined with puppy pads, newspaper or a towel in case of accidents during transit.